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    For all graduate law students interested to take the Enforcement Agent Exam
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    News about practical training 
    The Chamber of Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Macedonia, in cooperation with AKADEMIK, held practical training in the field of enforcement
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    Den an izvrsiteli 
    June 6th, 2013 – 6th World Day of Enforcement Agents The International Union of Judicial Officers, on the occasion of the World Day of Enforcement Agents, issued a press release “The Enforcement Agent: Legal Link between the Parties”

In May 2005, the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia adopted the Law on Enforcement, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, No. 35/5, dated on 18.05.2005, which entered into force on 26.05.2006. This reform law introduces the private enforcement system of the executive documents by the enforcement agents, individuals with public authorizations, appointed by the Minister of Justice.

The Chamber of Enforcement Agents was established on June 7, 2006, at the Inaugural Assembly of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents, when the Chamber Bodies provided for in the Law on Enforcement were established. The Chamber is a legal entity with a seat in Skopje, where enforcement agents and deputy enforcement agents meet. At the time of its establishment, 40 enforcement agents were appointed, while today, there are 97 enforcement agents and 6 deputies within the Chamber of Enforcement, deployed in 11 regions according to the Basic Courts in the Republic of Macedonia.

First President of the Chamber was Goran Toshevski, enforcement agent in Skopje, elected at the Chamber’s Inaugural Assembly, then, in the period September 21, 2007, until June 10, 2012, President of the Chamber was Antoncho Koshtanov, enforcement agent in Skopje, whereas current President of the Chamber is Gordan Stankovikj, enforcement agent in Skopje.

Since November 29, 2007, the Chamber of Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Macedonia is equal member of the International Union of Judicial Officers, and is also a member of the EuroDanube group within this Union.

Basic statutory goals of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents are: improvement, coordination and further development of the work of the enforcement agents in the Republic of Macedonia, protection of the enforcement agents’ independence, continuous expert training for the enforcement agents and transparency of the work of the Chamber and of the performance of the enforcement agents.

The Chamber is tasked to protect the status and the rights of the enforcement agents and to promote and advance the reputation of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents within the society. Furthermore, it is tasked to promote expert and efficient enforcement of judgments and other executive documents in order to ensure legal order, right to private property, as well as ultimate affirmation of the judicial power as a pillar of the statehood.

In its scope of work, the Chamber of Enforcement Agents is fully focused on protection of the constitutional and legal status, as well as protection of the rights, freedoms and dignity of the parties and participants in the enforcement activity.

Priority goal of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents is overall improvement of the enforcement standards, application of the highest European standards and good practices in the Macedonian enforcement system.

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